Vi är Sendify

Fredrik Edeland


Passion, passion, passion! While being part of a journey, we do have a lot of fun! I'm walking behind a team of highly passionated and skilled individuals, facilitating their and utterly Sendify's growth.

Julia Nilsson

Customer Success Manager

It's not hard to be a Sendifier, as long as you're driven, passionated and damn good at what you do! ;) My job is to make the user experience as simple as possible. The users learn from me and I learn from them. Awesome!

Max Schagerström

Product Manager

A Sendifier is eager to learn, open to change and driven by seeing something you helped to create grow.I truly believe in our product, my colleagues and our vision. Being part of something you believe in is exciting. Sendify also gives you a very high degree of freedom and responsibility which forces you to learn and improve, which is a must for anything I choose to dedicate this much time to.

Christos Charalampous

Full-Stack Developer

What makes a Sendifier is: *TOP SECRET* *BURN AFTER READING*... Being genuine! (...but if anyone asks, you didn't learn that from me...). My job is to, by using magic and a bit of glitter, help my colleagues turn our customers' wishes into reality.

Philip Robertsson

Account Manager

We're driven by a mindset to identify and see problems as opportunities! I'm responsible for initiating collaborations with companies and partners in order to grow together!

Cecilia Grenemark

Customer Success Lead

Working at Sendify is the privilege of going to work happy every day! Being apart of Sendify’s awesome journey gives me the opportunity to take charge of my own career and personal development. On top of this I have amazing colleagues who are all contributing to an inspiring environment in the office. In short - at Sendify we work hard while having a lot of fun.

Pontus Tjernberg

Business Development Lead

Being a Sendifier is having the growth mindset. You like to see things grow. The company, yourself and your friends (colleagues). The main reason why I love working at Sendify is because it's so easy to get out of the bed every morning.

Oscar Lund

Head of Design

Empathy is key! We are people creating lovable things! For me, the core of Sendify is being humble, self-driven, passionate and undoubtedly good at what you do. It's also about being nice, likeable and contributing to building the best work place we (together) can create. What also keeps on surprising me is how one of those bad days always gets better when I get to the office.

Carolina Fridh

Communication Intern

Competent, driven and humble? Great, you’ll fit right in! We work hard and have fun meanwhile. There are plenty of reasons to work at Sendify, but I'm here simply because of my great colleagues and the opportunity to be a part of this journey.

Gustaf Hällgren

Head of Growth

"You can accomplish great things or you can have a great time, but not both." - Not a Sendifier. I love having the possibility to take charge of my own personal development curve, have a real impact on company successes, and at the same time work alongside amazing colleagues who are also insanely funny. #follow4piña

David Runemalm

Tech Lead

A Sendifier should do right and speak the truth. You have the opportunity to bring value to a lot of people in the world by creating elegant solutions to complex problems.

Jacob Davidsson

Customer Success Manager

I'm currently thinking of something good to say!

Max Thunberg

Digital Designer

For me it's about keeping a young heart and soul, and keeping in touch with your "we can also have fun"-vibes. I'm grateful for being at a workplace where I develop at a super fast pace. To combine personal development, spending time with awesome colleagues and building an awesome brand keeps me on my feet and makes me stay motivated.