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Help provide supplies to the people in Ukraine

We are a network of 50,000 businesses. Together we make a difference. We provide delivery trucks free of charge that pick up supplies at multiple locations in Sweden and Germany. You fill those trucks with your donations.

Submit this form if you would like to register for our joint help effort to bring supplies to the Polish/Ukranian border. Fill in as detailed information as you have, we will come back to you shortly.

Find more detailed information in our FAQ section or start filling in the form.


List of supplies being requested from local organisations

Powerbanks (DGN documentation needed)
Batteries (DGN documentation needed)
Batteries for thermal imagers (DGN documentation needed)
Wet wipes
Sleeping bags
Sleeping mattresses

Tactical sneakers
Fleece or other undergarment
Thermal underwear
Hats khaki
Khaki uniforms
Flashlights headlights
Thermal imagers
Night vision devices
Thermo cups
Metal cups
Thermal blankets

Heat-saving blankets
Body cleansers
Toothpastes and brushes
Diapers and pads
Paper towels
Reusable and disposable masks

Microfiber towels
Reusable tableware

Fast food
Energy bars
Dried fruits
Canned food
Instant cereals

Medicines (requires safety datasheet)

Can I send other supplies too?

Please focus on the supplies listed above.

Regarding food, clothes and personal hygiene products: Currently, the hubs are overloaded with such items. It is better to focus on the equipment/medication as they are impossible to buy in Ukraine right now. 

Where are the depots located?

We will send you the addresses of the depots in Ystad (Sweden) and Berlin (Germany) upon submission of the form above. Let us know what you would like to contribute and we will provide further information on where to send your supplies.

How can I ship my supplies to the depots?

Please use a professional shipping solution of your choice.

The depots will be professional fulfilment centres, which, in regards to their daily operations and the safety of everyone, can only handle professional drivers on the ground. Please respect this.

When is the deadline to deliver my supplies to the depots?

There is no defined deadline yet. We will communicate a shipping timeline to Ukraine as soon as we know how many companies want to contribute and how their delivery timeline looks like.

Who is behind this project?

The Sendify team and the Swedish Sendify company (Sendify AB). This is a low-barrier initiative to support the people in Ukraine. It is really us, the people at Sendify, trying to get some help and supplies on the road. No back doors, no hidden agenda, no marketing.

Does it cost me anything to participate?

Sendify will cover all expenses surrounding the transport from the depots to Ukraine as well as all related services (fulfilment centers, short term storage, customs, etc.). However, we humbly ask you to cover the costs of shipping your supplies to the depots yourself. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Who will receive the supplies?

The supplies will be delivered to the Ukrainian non-profit organization PLAST. Find more information about their activities on this website:

When will the supplies arrive at the Polish/Ukrainian border?

This depends on when we will receive the supplies to our depots. From our depots, the actual transit time is 1-2 days depending on the situation at the border. We will try to deliver the supplies as fast as possible.

Will it be possible to ship directly to the border?

We are currently investigating this option further. For now we have established the supply chain up to the Polish/Ukrainian border. Please send a message if you would like to receive further information.

The form is not working, please help

If the form is not working, please submit your request here or send us an email to