A recipe for our cookies 🍪

Cookies should be eaten,
but also explained

We love cookies of the eatable kind, but on internet and also our website there are different types of cookies. To explain and show you which cookies we use, and why, is natural for us. Therefore, let’s walk you through a less tasty recipe than you might be used to, and describe the cookies Sendify use when users visit our website and app.

For you who do not know what a cookies are, it could be explained as small text files that are saved in your browser when visiting Sendify.se or our app. There are different types of cookies and they have various names like session cookies and pixels. When we use cookies, it’s simply to gather data in different ways. Data, which later on is used to improve your experience on our website and app, generate visitor statistics, analyze how our website is used, enable functions for chat and feedback, build segments and target groups in marketing purpose and to do retargeting.

How does retargeting work?

We at Sendify actively work with marketing trying to spread the word of our shipping service for small companies that are missing a good freight solution. If you at any time have visited our website it’s likely that you have seen ads from us at Sendify afterwards. This is something that we in marketing call retargeting.

What’s happening is that other websites and social media can see whether or not you have a cookie from us at Sendify saved in your browser. They can based on this knowledge figure out that you have entered our website, probably been interested in a new freight solution and therefore chooses to show you ads from us. We understand that this makes some people uneasy. That Facebook knows that you have visited our website. Although, you should know that the purpose is trying to show relevant ads for people interested in our service.

If you’ve seen ads from Sendify without first visiting our website, this is not based on cookies but rather other digital marketing methods.

Too block or erase cookies

If you want to erase or block cookies this is fully possible to do. By going to your browser’s setting you may both erase and block cookies from a specific website. One thing that is important to remember is that cookies we use have the purpose of improving your experience and understand our users better. So, if you choose to remove cookies this might result in a worse experience and potentially missed offers.

Here is a guide for how to delete cookies

What cookies do we use, and why?

Below is a list of the cookies we use and descriptions why. If you despite the information given on this page want to learn more about our cookies you may simply talk to us here via the chat or contact us

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