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10 000 businesses save time and money with our negotiated freight rates

Small businesses don’t have enough shipping volumes to negotiate good freight agreements directly with the carriers, which results in expensive rates.

However, shipping doesn’t have to be expensive. By using Sendify, small business owners don’t have to negotiate any freight agreements. Instead, shipments are booked on Sendify’s rates – which is negotiated with the aggregated shipping volume of 10 000 businesses!

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Do you want to send 12 pallets from China, or 4 parcels to Gothenburg?

With Sendify, you can easily send almost anything, anywhere.

You can seamlessly combine different shipping companies and hundreds of shipping options. You decide whether price or transit time is most important and whether you want to ship pallets or parcels, domestic or international.

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"The Spotify of the logistics industry"

- Göteborgs Posten (2019)

Save time with a single point of contact for all your freights

One support for all your shipments

One system for five carriers

One invoice for all your shipments

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