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What is Sendify?

We are the logistics partner that provide your company with an all-in-one-service for your logistics needs through our services and systems. Our vision is to arm our users with the tools needed to make logistics a competitive advantage.

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We have combined the markets smoothest system for comparing, booking and tracking shipments with competitive freight contracts as well as  skilled logistics agents. All in all, we have created an innovative solution to meet your needs.
Since 2015 Sendify has been innovating a conservative industry by continuously simplifying and automating logistics for our users.

Freight contracts

Freight contracts, but for everyone

Negotiating freight contracts is hard work. Negotiating with multiple carriers and coming out on top is a real challenge. At Sendify we know the struggle. We have negotiated over 50 freight contracts with several of the world’s leading carriers to make sure you do not have to. All of our contracts are available to our users, regardless shipping volume or shipping products. We also collect all your bookings from different transporters in one invoice which not only saves you time, but also allows you to take control over your costs.

Freight contracts

This is what you get:

  • All predictable costs included in listing price
  • Over 20 freight contracts with 5 carriers
  • Summary invoice for all your shipments
  • Payment terms: 20 days

Transport Management System, but smooth

At Sendify we believe that shipping should neither be difficult nor time consuming. Our Transport Management System is built for the user and developed so that anyone can start comparing, booking and tracking shipments in minutes.


Included in the TMS:

  • Compare the leading carriers
  • Smooth booking process for one or more shipments
  • Shipment documents right after booking
  • Track shipments in the system

Logistic support, but for real

Few people associate expect great service within the logistics industry - we are here to change that. When using Sendify, you will be taken cared of by our cunning Logistics Agents who make sure your shipments arrive smoothly at their target destinations. Our agents help you find the best solutions, make sure you have the correct documents and handle the communication with the carriers when things do not go as planned.Through our sister company, Express Delivery, we can also offer our users a worldwide network of Express Dedicated Transportation™ that handle time critical shipments with amazing ease.


This is what we do for you:

  • Manage claims with the carriers
  • Manage deviations with the carriers
  • Reschedule pickups
  • Find tailored solutions outside the system

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How does Sendify work?

Sendify is more than just a system. With Sendify you can compare, book and track your shipments, benefit from our freight contracts and find the best logistics solutions with our skilled Logistics Support. Our core values are smart and simple. Therefore, Sendify is created so that anyone can register their company and start shipping in only a few minutes. Today our services are completely free from monthly fees, starting tuition and binding time, this way, you only pay for what you actually send.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you use Sendify as an individual?

As an individual you may not send shipments via Sendify. But receiving deliveries to a service point or straight to you works fine.

Can you create an address book?

Yes, you can save addresses as part of your profile. Also, you can save standard package measurements in order to help you create your bookings easier and faster.

Which carriers do you have in the service?

When making a search in Sendify we go through hundreds of possible alternatives and show you the best solutions from UPS, DHL, TNT, DSV and FedEx.

Can I send to XXXXXX?

With Sendify you can send packages and pallets to and from, with some exceptions, the whole world. If you have any questions regarding a specific country you may either do a search in our service or contact anyone of our Account Managers at sales@sendify.se

Can I connect my own freight contacts in the service?

Curently all shipments is sent via our contracts with the carriers. This enables the possiblity for us to have a transaction based revenue model, and therefore you, as a user of Sendfiy, only pay for the shipments you send.

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