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   Lower your costs

Sendify gives you access to lower shipping rates. We have highly beneficial contracts with the couriers in our network resulting in lower transport costs for you and your company.

   Save time

Sendify enables you to make fast and informed decisions. Search customized transport options and results are shown in a comprehensive list where you easily sort by time or price. With Sendify, you can quickly choose the alternative that best suits your needs.

   Take control

Sendify gathers your logistics functions in one place. Keep track of all your shipments and send notifications to your customers from the control panel. Information from carriers is updated in real time and latest status for all shipments is available in a comprehensive view. All invoices are sent from us and you can easily access them from the control panel.

   Digital freight forwarder

The combination of a freight network and a transport management system (TMS) is what makes Sendify unique. The result is a powerful digital freight forwarder that is designed to meet our customer’s needs. Sendify offers instant quotes from multiple carriers, instant booking and transportation execution, transport follow-up (tracing, booking documents, invoicing and transport messages) as well as performance measurement.

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