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How Sofia Moore Improves their E-commerce Supply Chain with Sendify Business


E-commerce logistics can be a real hassle. Especially if you have production overseas and no domestic warehousing, but still wish for reliable freight solutions and short lead times. The e-retailer Sofia Moore knows the struggle. Or – knew. With Sendify Business, they have managed to improve their supply chain, boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs. All thanks to cross-docking.

Sofia Moore is a Swedish e-retailer who offers formal dresses, wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses online. The products are tailor made in their own designer studio in Sri Lanka, from where they are sent directly to the customers in for example Sweden, Norway and Denmark. This also means specific logistics needs. David Svensson, entrepreneur are one of the co-owners, explains:

– We don’t really have any warehousing activities to talk about. This makes logistics an even greater part of our business, and it is of vital importance that it runs smooth. Our customers often buy our products for big occasions and their dresses have to arrive in time, every time.

With the production in Sri Lanka, this has not always been the easiest thing.


Before, Sofia Moore used to send all shipments directly to the end customers, which led to problems with high customs duties and dissatisfied customers. In addition, Sofia Moore was not satisfied with the global carriers and their express logistics solutions, mostly because their primarily focus on B2B – not, as in Sofia Moore’s case, B2C.

Using Sendify Business has significantly improved our logistics chain.
– David Svensson, Sofia Moore

Today, Sofia Moore’s logistics and supply chain has been put together into a more efficient whole. By consolidatation of consignments and improved cross-docking, Sofia Moore has not just managed to streamline their supply chain – the customer satisfaction has improved as well. How? Much thanks to improved deliveries. Customers can now receive their packages at a time and place that is more suitable for them. This new solution has also made it possible to shorten delivery times and reduce shipping costs. In other words: a win-win situation for all parties.

Cross-Docking is a well known logistics concept that, if handled right, can improve the performance of an e-commerce distribution system and streamline the logistics chain. It simplifies the supply chain management, while at the same time reduce or even eliminate warehousing and other similar costs. In the case of Sofia Moore, we combined a cross-docking solution with improved “last mile” deliveries. Instead of sending packages directly from the factory to the end consumer, Sofia Moore are now using Sendify Business to distribute customized final deliveries to customers in the nordic market.


Would you like to know more about how Sendify Business can improve your e-commerce logistics? Contact us, and we’ll help you get started!