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Welcome to the Family: Vans


We love working with exciting brands. By helping them simplify their logistics, we are letting them focus on what they do best. Like Vans, one of the leading action sports brands in the world. Say Hi to Henrik Karlsson, Key Account Manager at Vans in Sweden. As a user of Sendify, he gets more time to do the things he really cares about.


– First time I got introduced to the system I was like ‘wow, is it really possible to send a package with a weight of 10 kilos from Gothenburg to New York at a cost of only 800 SEK – and get it delivered the very next day – before lunch?’

Henrik Karlsson, Key Account Manager at Vans and currently positioned at Vans Showroom in Gothenburg, describes his first impression of Sendify Business. Besides other benefits, like saving time and lowering costs, he immediately fell for the transparent overview and the user friendly interface.

– We get all available options with the leading carriers right there in the system, just one click away. The only thing I need to is choose – do I want the cheapest or the fastest option?

Sometimes, like in the New York example, the cheapest is also the fastest. It has do with the fact that a certain carrier often is better at a certain route. And if you’re not a logistics pro, it can be hard to know which one. Fortunately, Sendify Business takes care of all that for you.

– For us who don’t really care about logistics and rather not think about it at all, simplicity is the key to everything, Henrik says. We just want a solution that is as easy and carefree as possible. With Sendify Business, we’ve got all that. And, it feels good to know that if there’s any questions somewhere along the way, the people at Sendify is there as a helping hand.

Regardless of the personal service though, the real benefits of Sendify Business is in the automatic system. For example, it summarize all transport costs at one place, making it easy to pay invoices. Or the feature of automatic notifying the right people about important deliveries. This is something Henrik and his colleagues appreciates.

– And of course: getting the waybills fast, so we can print them out straight away.

By saving time on logistic hassle, Henrik gets more time focusing on the things he like about his job. Like shoes. And talking about a more sustainable and digitalized future.

– It’s exciting to be in this from the very beginning, right after the launch of Sendify Business. Everything is getting digitized now, it’s not a trend – it’s a fact. Take the situation with Uber, for example. They are turning the whole taxi industry upside down. Sendify Business is on to something there. I think Sendify has got the potential to become an Uber for freight.

Why Vans are using Sendify Business:
  • Intuitive to learn, easy to use

  • Cheapest shipments options just one click away

  • One point logistics – everything in one place