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About Sendify

Relax. Shipping just got easy

Small business owners are frustrated about logistics and consider it as a hassle. And frankly, we understand them. The logistics industry has been developed around the needs of high volume shippers, resulting in small shippers falling behind. Shipping was simply never made for small shippers. Until now.

In 2016, Sendify was founded, with the mission to empower small businesses through simplified shipping experiences. In Sendify, small shippers can access affordable shipping solutions and book shipments with world leading carriers – all in one digital platform. Through the combined buying power of small shippers, Sendify provides up to 85 % discounted rates and the choice to decide whether price or lead time should determine the choice of freight solution. Pretty cool, right?

When booking freight in Sendify, shipping becomes effortless, so that small shippers can spend less time and money on logistics and more time on growing their businesses. Today, Sendify is known as the most user-friendly system for small shippers in Sweden – helping 10 000 users to ship worldwide. Small shippers love Sendify not only because of our modern system but because of our skilful logistics agents. Simply, we democratize logistics and empower small shippers to view logistics as a competitive advantage.